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Transition, Evolution and Destiny....

There are transitional phases of everyone's life...a natural evolution of the process in the creation of our own destiny......

I am at one of the most exciting transition points of my life to date and it leaves my in awe just watching the process unfold.

I've always had faith in "the process". I believe that everything we do in our life leads us on a particular path for a reason. At each fork in the road our direction may change but it is always moves us forward, narrowing our path and directing us for a reason...a greater purpose to bring us closer to that place we each individually strive to exist. For me, there has always been a clear picture of where I want to be emotionally, physically, financially, professionally...encompassing my whole life...a seamless blending of balance between home and career.

Right now, at this very moment in my life, I am experiencing my life almost as an observer. I feel the past 45 years of choices, decisions, trials, lessons, heartbreak and triumphs have lead me right here, right now. I am, for the first time in my life, experiencing the work from the past, create the present and set up the future....and what a wonderful place to be!

Have you ever had a time when you feel like you are standing still just watching things unfold in front of you...just fall into place with what seems like no effort? Opportunities presenting themselves without asking for them, the master plan happening right in front of your eyes as if you were watching a movie from inside the movie? Its an amazing, powerful, exhilarating place and I am so thankful, humble and ready for the reveal!

Why do I share this with you??? To renew, refresh, revitalize your faith in your own path! I can tell you from my own experience that if you keep that "ultimate, clear picture" in your mind of what you want your life to look like; feel like, be will reach it!! Don't forget that every experience gives us an opportunity to learn the lesson at hand, in return we grow from it and take one step closer to our ultimate place. 

Life will always be work, but the work becomes less like work as you approach that place that you strive for. We will always have our lessons to learn along the way....when we think we know it all, we stop learning and growing....don't ever go there! Use the experiences to build on themselves, lifting you higher toward your goals and never, ever give up the journey! Whether you are crawling, walking, or running....always move forward...all of them mean progress :-) As you begin to feel, see and live your dream become reality....share it with others, encourage them to stay focused on their dreams as well. Surround yourself with the "doers" not the "donoters". Remember, we are who we surround ourselves with, keep good company with those who know more, have more (no, not the superficial!), and do more and you will be better for it!

My journey is far from over but I can tell you its a beautiful place when you watch all your hard work pay off. Live with passion, be the example, know what your destiny looks like and reap the rewards that await you.....

Be well my friends! :-)


One of life's lessons

It seems when I have a lot on my mind I put off writing, yet when I write and get it out of my head and onto paper I feel better! LOL, human nature I guess. So, today I get out of my own way and write! :-)

There are lessons to be learned in ALL areas of our life...emotional, financial, physical, spiritual...literally every area of life offers us the opportunity to grow and learn. What if we don't see the lesson? Its my belief that we continue to be presented with situations in life that allow us to learn any given lesson...and when we do...we're done with it. Not to say a little step back doesn't happen now and then, but I think if you've gone through enough to learn the lesson to begin with, than a little "kick in the butt" puts us back on the right track in no time :-)

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. SO, I do my best to prove to myself I'm not! (ok, truth be told there are days when I question my sanity but don't we all!? :-)

I, like so many have had some lessons come easier than others. Then there are some lessons that come harder. For each of us I believe we have our own hard lessons to learn. 

Is there a lesson that you have learned in your life that completely changed your way of thinking? I have one that especially stands out, that I try to remember on a daily basis! I will admit, it is one; (ok, there are certainly others too, but I digress) that I sadly have not yet mastered, but I strive to, and that is the best we can do sometimes. What is it.....


I learned early in life that assuming can be a big mistake in so many situations. That's not to say that it's always a mistake, but in many situations it is. 

I am a natural optimist. I have faith that things will work themselves out...and they always do! I have found in the "assuming game of life", that it doesn't often produce a good result. It seems, when we assume, we stop trying, stop looking for the truth, we project what we think is truth, we don't follow through, or we become passive to the situation. I think there are many times when that will not be a big deal....but, in the areas where it counts most it can turn things upside down if it gets away from you. So, don't let it! Catch it (or yourself, as the case may be) early and often! Learn to recognize when you are assuming. Cross your "t's" dot your "i's" and don't what it takes to seek out and know....and it will set you free!

Its a tough lesson for me. But, I will conquer this lesson like I have so many others before it. Strive with me to not assume.....anything! Be and stay in the knowing part of life....the grass is truly greener there! :-) Don't let your life be effected (even for a moment) by a simple assumption. 

That is my life lesson for you have a life lesson that has changed your way of thinking? Please share! After all, that is truly what my blog is all about....sharing, learning, growing...together! :-)



First Blog Post for TIB; Offering incite and inspiration meant to empower

I have 25+ years in the salon/spa industry. If I had a dollar for every time someone said " you should write a book, you're a great story teller and you inspire people every day!" I would be rich! Oh, wait, but I am rich!, I'm not talking on a monetary level, but for me, FAR more important....I am rich with experience, wisdom and the love of sharing the things I've learned with others! I'm sure that many of my experiences have been shared many times by others but this is my own little platform to try to inspire, make you aware and ultimately empower you to think a little differently...about everything, everyday!

So, come with me on a journey of self discovery, personal growth and ultimately, hopfully a more gratifying existence! :-)

And PLEASE join in along the way....share your incite and opinions.... lets grow together!